100 Ways To Be Happy – #8: Vocalize Concerns and Feelings

Photo Taken by Kate Gill

Photo Taken by Kate Gill

Okay we’ve all been there. You’ve held your tongue when someone was outwardly objecting a topic you believe in, stayed quiet when a boss was blaming you for something a coworker did, kept your mouth shut when a friend spilled your secret in a public forum. Doesn’t feel great does it? We’ve been taught sweeping things under the rug is the best way to deal with your issues. Thats why I’m making #8…..

#8 Vocalize Your Concerns and Feelings!

Look, I’m not saying be “that guy” who has to put everyone in their place every time someone brings up Obamacare or “that guy” who can’t take a small joke being made on their behalf with good intentions. But we have a voice and in this day and age we should use it! If someone says something that genuinely upsets you, especially when its a recurring gimmick, then its important to express that. I have seen too many relationships take a hit for feelings that were being suppressed for too long. Friends gossip or vent to other friends which makes their way back to the other person. What’s important is vocalizing those concerns and issues the second you have them with the person who is upsetting you. And take precaution of course.

It’s always better to approach a confrontation with an understanding, to be kind and listen to the other persons stance so they are willing to hear yours in return. Being sympathetic towards the reality of the other person is equally as important as standing up for yourself. Who knows, they might even change YOUR mind.

Getting issues off of your chest the second they come into play will relieve you of so much stress and avoid it from happening over and over again. It’s not always an easy thing to do and again I like to use the phrase “Pick your battles”. But if something is important enough to you that it is effecting your happiness, then it is important enough to vocalize your feelings and concerns. And others will see and respect that too.



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