Reincarnation – Is the answer to life after death right in front of our faces?


Photo and Article provided by Daniel Nussbaum at

When a friend sent me this article the other day, I was immediately captivated by the headline.

“10 Year Old Boy Remembers Past Life as a 1930’s Hollywood Actor”

There’s a lot of things in life that get me excited, but as a science fiction writer one of the greatest things in the world is a story about the unexplained. I’ve never considered myself particularly religious and I find some of the concepts and ideals of God to be no longer relevant or antiquated. But one alternate to the concept of heaven and hell that’s always made sense to me is the idea of reincarnation. Lets be honest with ourselves for a minute here, most of the time we are afraid to die simply because we don’t want to leave this world behind. The people we know, the memories we share, the places we live and the body we have grown into are things we want to keep forever. But then wouldn’t reincarnation be the perfect remedy to that? A world we aren’t leaving behind but experiencing over and over again. If we can tap into the knowledge of those past lives through other bodies here on Earth, then we will never have to fear death at all. This story of a little boy named Ryan Hammons in Oklahoma has become a good example of why we shouldn’t fear the unknown. Maybe the answer we are looking for is right in front of us and what we understand as the afterlife is right here walking alongside us after all.

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