100 Ways To Be Happy- #9: Stop Regretting Your Choices


Photo Credit: Liza Nedelman

How many times have you wished you could go back in time and change the past? Made a smarter decision, got a different haircut, drank less at your work party, told someone something you never got to say…

Yeah we’ve all had those moments, and there’s a reason why we aren’t able to go back and time and prevent them from happening… because they were SUPPOSED to happen to us. Those choices we made yesterday are the reason we are the people we are today. So this weeks Way to be Happy is:

#9: Stop Regretting Your Choices

This one ties back into the theory of trusting the universe. The decisions we made at the time were clearly what we felt best for us or at least desired most or else we wouldn’t have made them. So accept that made it and move on. Feeling like the bad and negative choices you made in the past are going to be the only ones to shape your future is simply not true. You had the power to make a choice then, that power still exists. When we dwell on the mistakes or things we didn’t do, we lose focus on what we can do in the here and now. Focusing on the present allows the realization that this is the only time you have control over. Life takes unexpected twists and turns and the universe has a plan for us all that we will never be able to foresee. If we were able to change the past, it still might not prevent us from being at the point we are right now. That’s because we all are rightfully in the place the universe has planned on all along. Whether you wish you hadn’t gotten that tattoo or hadn’t moved to New York City, these are all things that were positioned into our lives to mold us into the people we are destined to be. Those choices are what give us the experiences we are meant to have. So start to accept your choices from the past, embrace them rather than shame or dwell on them. Those choices are meant to make you stronger when you come out the other side. Love those choices, be proud of the choices that you had to fight through to become a better man/ woman. Turn your regrets into lessons that you treasure.



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